The Board

Board Qualifications and Experience

Full Name: Josh Vrsalijko

Title: Executive Director

Sustain Community Housing was the brainchild of Josh on the back of delivering a wonderful independent living home for Thorndale Foundation Ltd in 2012.  Josh is looking to make changes in social, affordable and independent living accommodation for people in these situations that most need our help.​

Qualifications: Real Estate Licence, Licensed Financial Planner (RG146)

​Affiliation: Sustain Foundation, Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy Australia, Chinese Business Council, Australian Women and Children Research Foundation (Ozwac), Luke Priddis Foundation, The Hills Chamber of Commerce and Penrith City Council

Responsibilities: Business Development and Property Acquisitions

Josh has been involved in the Building Industry for over 20 years and has vast experience in land sub-divisions, multi dwelling developments and maximising value of development sites to achieve a greater outcome of them.

Josh is a huge supporter of the local Penrith community and other communities, supporting many local charity groups and is an active member of local business networking organisation, the NSW Business Chamber and the Australia China Business Council.

Josh employs a significant number of people working on sites all over Sydney. He is also involved with housing associations, regulatory bodies and NSW government in supporting the social housing sector and a big supporter of affordable living. A family man through and through, Josh has three lovely children and a wonderful wife and enjoys spending time with family.

Andrew Tyndale

Full Name: Andrew Tyndale

Title: Director

Affiliation: Andrew spent 26 years in leading commercial investment banking groups, including Babcock & Brown, Macquarie Bank and the predecessor to UBS.

For the last 6 years, Andrew has been applying this experience for the benefit of Australia’s social sector through Grace Mutual Limited. Grace is a not-for-profit company designing investments to attract wholesale capital into the infrastructure needed by such sectors as affordable housing and aged care, and it is advising several governments on social investment.

Andrew has recently returned from a 4 month Fulbright Scholarship in the US, where he studied its social impact investing sector and the lessons for Australia.

Andrew is a Non-Executive Director of Bupa’s Australia & New Zealand market unit, a $6 billion health group, with market-leading operations in private health insurance and aged care.

Over the years, Andrew has had considerable experience on public and private boards of directors, including AUSDOC, Chandler McLeod, Carnivale, Golden Circle, Biota, several of the management company boards of Babcock & Brown’s listed funds and multiple non-profits.

Together with his wife, Philippa, Andrew has been extensively involved in domestic charities and international aid work, including some 20 years with Opportunity International, a global micro-finance network. More recently, they have focused on anti-human trafficking work through Red Alert and education through Library For All.

Full Name: Cliff Haynes

Title: Director

Qualifications: Cliff Haynes is a consultant providing professional services to government in the corporate, services and governance areas, as well as providing executive mentoring and coaching services. Clients include local and state government.

Cliff Haynes retired in February 2012 as the Assistant Director General, Corporate and Shared Services, the Department of Family and Community Services in the NSW Government.

Cliff was formerly, the Executive Director for Business Management and Governance at Housing NSW. He joined Housing NSW in February 2005 as General Manager, Housing services for Greater Western Sydney.

Prior to joining Housing NSW, Cliff had an extensive career in local government including six years as Deputy General Manager at the City of Sydney in the period leading up to and including the Olympics in 2000 and executive positions in corporate services at a number of large metropolitan councils extending over 30 years.

Cliff was the President of the NSW Division of Local Government Managers Australia from 2002 to 2004 and served on the Board for 10 years. He was also the Chairman of the Board of Affordable Community Housing Ltd and in 2009 was a board member of Evolve Housing, a community housing provider and AFFORD, a disability provider. Both are not-profit-profit organisations.

Full Name: Anthony Brischetto

​Title: Director

Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice

Affiliation: Having previously worked in government (both State and Federal), Anthony is now the Managing Partner of the legal practice Reimer Winter Williamson based in Penrith. Anthony has extensive experience in property and commercial matters and his practice includes acting on behalf of housing providers. Anthony also represents a number of charitable and not-for-profit organisations. Anthony was previously on the board of directors of the Luke Priddis Foundation.

Full Name: John Capes

Title: Director/Company Secretary

Affiliation: Sustain Foundation, Penrith Valley Chamber of Chamber, Australian Women and Children Research Foundation (Ozwac), Luke Priddis Foundation and Music for Life

John has extensive experience in Corporate Australia within the Insurance market and has held senior roles in Consulting and Business Development.​

In recent times John has concentrated on supporting his partner Sharon in the growth of Minuteman Press, a local digital print company located in Penrith. As well John has continued to provide Consulting services and Recruitment with a focus on the Safety and Workers Compensation markets.

Through Minuteman Press John and Sharon have ensured that they have where possible provided support back into the local Penrith and other communities, supporting many local charity groups and is an active member of a number of local business networking organisations and the Penrith Valley Chamber of Commerce.

John is also an active board member of Ozwac, which is focused on raising valuable research funds for local doctors via Nepean Hospital and a proud active member of the Regentville Rural Fire Brigade.

When not focused on their work and extra activities, John and Sharon have 4 boys to enjoy time with including their sporting and theatre activities.​

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